Start-up funding – Mercia’s guide to start-up funding

Start-Up Funding

Start-up funding is the first initial investment required to get a business started and running. This money is put towards elements such as product development, sales and inventory. If you are looking for someone to invest in your innovative business plans, it is the perfect time to reach out to Mercia and have a discussion with one of the investment team members.

Mercia is most well-known for their venture investments. They have the capabilities to invest into the early-stage sector of business development, whilst at the same time being able to further support ambitious SME growth via funding from the VCTs. This makes Mercia the ideal investor for any new business inspiration, with their main focus being growing the ambitions of the business owners.

Preparing for start-up funding

In order to prepare your business for start-up funding, it is crucial to have management information and presentation material to hand. Investors are curious about the ways in which your business is able to run in an efficient and successful manner, and the market domain under which you operate in.

The competition for financial investments at present is huge, so it is vital that you understand the process you must undergo in order to secure venture capital funding. To summarise, once your management accounts are in place, it is important to prepare an engaging pitch or presentation and get to know your investor. You can find a thorough guide to securing venture capital for SMEs on Mercia’s website.

Once start-up funding is complete, if you feel you need further funding there are other options available. You could also consider private equity funding to additionally fuel business growth, and flexible loans are also an option, such as the recovery loan scheme (RLS), for example. These can both be provided by Mercia as well.