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The Rainforest Trust and Slingshot Simulations users saved 121 acres of Rainforest in 3 days

Slingshot Simulations announced a partnership with the Rainforest Trust on a new sustainability initiative at this month’s Internet of Things Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) in Barcelona- with immediate results.

Slingshot Simulations, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) tech start-up, committed to saving an acre of rainforest land for every user that signed up to their free decision intelligence and digital twin platform at the IoTSWC event. In just three days, new user signups secured the protection of 121 acres of rainforest.

Every acre saved protects the trees, natural landscape and, in turn, the species which inhabit them. This allows the tropical forests to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and contributes to a global Net Zero of carbon emissions.

The Rainforest Trust is a global conservationist organisation who aim to protect the forest land remaining in the tropics from deforestation. Pete Mills, Conservation Circle Member at the Rainforest Trust, said, “Slingshot’s knowledge graph-based decision intelligence technology allows high-speed data processing, automation, and insight for sustainability applications and at IoTSWC they took a step further by enabling new users to directly protect an acre of land for free through a platform signup.”

In addition to the practical impact each user who signed up and saved an acre had the opportunity to have the photo taken to document and share their and their company’s commitment to sustainability. Alongside this, a replica LEGO model represented each acre saved as a green LEGO block.

Participating companies included: LEGO, OMG, Microsoft, Vodafone, Oracle, Dell Technologies, Esri and many more.

Erin McCreless, Conservation Scientist and Monitoring Specialist at the Rainforest Trust, said, “Partnering with Slingshot gives us access to incredible computing power and expertise that allows us to rapidly analyze huge amounts of data. We use these analyses on a daily basis to identify areas around the world where establishing protected areas will provide the greatest benefit to threatened species”.

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technical Officer and Founder of Slingshot Simulations, David McKee, said, “We demonstrated our sustainable digital twins at our booth at IoT Solutions World Congress as they can allow users to data process on a large scale, for the benefit of the environment. It’s a pleasure to have taken this a step further and directly save acres of unprotected rainforest to contribute to net zero.”

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