Zendesk makes customer service better. It builds software to meet customer needs, set your team up for success, and keep your business in sync.

Jeremy Ambrose joins us once again, this time focusing on those looking for investment or next round investment. This sesson will cover:

• A fun look at how to grow your valuation and what you need to have in place
• A look at both financial, legal and operational due-diligence to maximise your valuation
• What goes up- can easily come down. How to lose valuation in an investors eyes
• We use a model to grow your valuation to £2.1M and then lose it all in one session

Axiologik is a Leeds-based consultancy that helps organisations such as The Home OfficeNHS Digital and Selfridges establish, develop and evolve their digital transformation programmes.

Mike Quate, Gordon Cullum and Adam Cockburn from Axiologik, will share their thinking about the considerations needed to start and develop greener and more sustainable technology plans.

The session covers:

 How vital is the development of technology plans
Creating more value through greener solutions
 How Cloud and Sustainable IT choices can aid cost
 Track and measure the impacts made when targeting carbon neutrality

Zendesk makes customer service better. It builds software to meet customer needs, set your team up for success, and keep your business in sync.

Jeremy Ambrose from Zendesk presents ‘How to turn your Customer Service Centre into a profit centre’.

Jeremy covers such topics as:

• A deep dive into CX trends that have been used by scale-ups and unicorns, compared to near linear growth businesses.
• Insights from working with 4500 startups/scaleups about how to really grow your customer service centre to support your company growth.
• How to save time and effort and get back to working ON the business not IN it.
• Actionable takeaways and timelines for when you should be doing what when it comes to automating customer service.

Mercia Asset Management PLC, the proactive, regionally focused specialist asset manager with c.£959million of assets under management (“AuM”) is pleased to announce its preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2022.

We provided a live management presentation and Q&A, presented by Dr Mark Payton, Chief Executive Officer, Martin Glanfield, Chief Financial Officer and Julian Viggars, Chief Investment Officer.


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Mercia Asset Management PLC, the proactive, regionally focused specialist asset manager with c.£959million of assets under management (“AuM”) is pleased to announce its preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2022.


  • Adjusted operating profit up c.152% to £8.4million (2021: £3.3million)
  • Realised gains and finance income totalling £12.2million generated from the sale of Faradion
  • £11.4m fair value movement in direct investments, including fair value uplift of £6.7million in nDreams following significant third-party investment
  • Profit before taxation of £27.4million (2021: £34.0million)
  • Proposed final dividend up c.67% to 0.5 pence per share (2021: 0.3 pence per share)
  • Net assets of £200.6million (2021: 176.0million)
  • Net Assets per share up c.14% to 45.6 pence (2021: 40.0 pence)
  • Cash and short-term liquidity investments of £61.3million (2021: £54.7million)

Managed fund developments

  • Third-party funds under management (“FuM”) of c.£758million (2021: c.£764million) contributed £19.5million in revenue, excluding performance fees, for the year (2021: £18.2million)
  • Cash returned to fund investors from successful realisations of c.£87million (2021: c.£27million)
  • Venture FuM c.£592million (2021: c.£600million)
    • £15.7million successfully raised across three Enterprise Investment Scheme (“EIS”) funds during the year
    • c.£15million additional allocation from British Business Bank under the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund Equity mandate, with effect from 1 November 2021
    • Interim and final dividends totalling £17.0million paid by the three Northern Venture Capital Trusts (“VCTs”), in addition to special dividends paid of £20.8million arising from successful realisations
  • Private equity FuM c.£48million (2021: c.£54million)
    • Portfolio trading and prospects improving post pandemic
  • Debt FuM c.£118million (2021: c.£110million)
    • Accreditation awarded to the Group to deliver debt funding under the Recovery Loan Scheme (“RLS”)
    • c.£11million additional allocation from British Business Bank under the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund Debt mandate, with effect from 1 November 2021

Direct investment portfolio developments

  • Direct investment portfolio fair value of £119.6million (2021: £96.2million), up c.24% notwithstanding the significant investment realisation of Faradion, completed in the year
  • Sale of Faradion in January 2022 resulted in total cash receipts of £19.4million (including a £1.5million loan repayment), generating £9.9million of realised gains together with crystallised loan interest and redemption premiums totalling £2.3million for the year
  • £18.4million net invested into 16 portfolio companies (2021: £15.4million net invested into 19 portfolio companies), including new direct investments into Forensic Analytics Limited and Pimberly Limited
  • Completion of a significant third-party investment into nDreams, resulting in a £6.7million fair value increase to the Group’s investment holding value as at 31 March 2022

Post year end developments

  • In April 2022 the Group’s AuM surpassed £1.0billion, with the three Northern Venture Capital Trusts raising £40.0million through the allotment of new shares, plus Mercia’s maiden Knowledge-intensive Impact EIS Fund raising £4.5million. Both successes reflect continued confidence in the track records of the VCT and EIS portfolios and the investment teams who manage them
  • Demerger from Intechnica of its cybersecurity bot-management business Netacea, to allow both companies to benefit from a refined focus on capitalising on their respective significant growth opportunities. Mercia retains stakes in both businesses post demerger equal in value to its previous holding value
  • Exciting commercial progress continues to be made by the direct investment portfolio
  • Mercia has been accredited as a carbon neutral organisation, demonstrating its commitment to ESG principles

Mark Payton, Chief Executive Officer of Mercia, commented:

“I am pleased to share a set of results that showcase the strength and maturity of Mercia and its business model. The significant success that we have seen during the last two financial years, and our positive future prospects, have been made possible by the combined efforts of everyone connected with Mercia. I would therefore like to express my sincere gratitude to the amazing portfolio companies that we have the privilege to support. As a Group, we are also very appreciative of the growing belief in Mercia from our third-party fund investors, and both VCT and Mercia shareholders, that the UK regions can deliver value and returns. Finally, I would like to thank Mercia’s employees, without whom we would not have become who we are today: #OneMercia.”

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Liz Wood from Comply Direct will discuss the feasible actions businesses can take to reduce their carbon emissions and work towards a net zero target.

During this webinar we will provide a comprehensive overview of what net zero means, as well as the importance and benefits for businesses of committing to a net zero carbon target. In addition, we will share the roadmap of essential actions an organisation wanting to achieve net zero will need to address – including, carbon footprint measurement, carbon reduction planning, target setting and carbon offsetting.

As climate change is the defining issue of our time, investing in sustainability is becoming increasingly paramount for businesses. More and more organisations now require their supplier base to have made carbon commitments which is an example of the many further economic, commercial and environmental benefits of embracing sustainability, for both your organisation and the wider environment.

Anna Sutton is the co-founder of The Data Shed, and will be looking at the impact of good data on investor confidence, due diligence and, most importantly valuation.

The Data Shed is a Data Consultancy working with organisations of all shapes and sizes at varying stages of their investor journey. Specialising in integrating data sets to drive insight and value, The Data Shed focuses on how their clients can leverage their data as an asset whilst minimising risks.

Backed by research, The Data Shed has found that data is becoming a more important area of focus as each year goes by. In this session, we will focus on how data can play a key part in driving the best outcome for both sides at each stage.

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Helen Darlington is Founder and Director of Woven, a global, multi-award-winning brand engagement agency.

Woven is a place where you can be your true self, a place that brings together diverse talent that generates brilliant ideas and successes for our clients. Put simply it helps luxury, ambitious and best-in-class brands attract new audiences, engage more deeply, and grow market share. Woven makes brands work beautifully.

Over the past 20 years it has understood and owned its niche, which has helped Woven stabalise and grow the business. Through the Mind v Machine session, Helen will explain some of the tactics Woven uses that help us engage and build lasting relationships with its clients.

We hope you will leave the session with ten top takeaways that you find useful.

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Join Dr. Paul Mattick as he runs through how Mercia’s EIS funds performed in May 2022.

(Capital at Risk. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future return)

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Slingshot Simulations announced a partnership with the Rainforest Trust on a new sustainability initiative at this month’s Internet of Things Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) in Barcelona- with immediate results.

Slingshot Simulations, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) tech start-up, committed to saving an acre of rainforest land for every user that signed up to their free decision intelligence and digital twin platform at the IoTSWC event. In just three days, new user signups secured the protection of 121 acres of rainforest.

Every acre saved protects the trees, natural landscape and, in turn, the species which inhabit them. This allows the tropical forests to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and contributes to a global Net Zero of carbon emissions.

The Rainforest Trust is a global conservationist organisation who aim to protect the forest land remaining in the tropics from deforestation. Pete Mills, Conservation Circle Member at the Rainforest Trust, said, “Slingshot’s knowledge graph-based decision intelligence technology allows high-speed data processing, automation, and insight for sustainability applications and at IoTSWC they took a step further by enabling new users to directly protect an acre of land for free through a platform signup.”

In addition to the practical impact each user who signed up and saved an acre had the opportunity to have the photo taken to document and share their and their company’s commitment to sustainability. Alongside this, a replica LEGO model represented each acre saved as a green LEGO block.

Participating companies included: LEGO, OMG, Microsoft, Vodafone, Oracle, Dell Technologies, Esri and many more.

Erin McCreless, Conservation Scientist and Monitoring Specialist at the Rainforest Trust, said, “Partnering with Slingshot gives us access to incredible computing power and expertise that allows us to rapidly analyze huge amounts of data. We use these analyses on a daily basis to identify areas around the world where establishing protected areas will provide the greatest benefit to threatened species”.

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technical Officer and Founder of Slingshot Simulations, David McKee, said, “We demonstrated our sustainable digital twins at our booth at IoT Solutions World Congress as they can allow users to data process on a large scale, for the benefit of the environment. It’s a pleasure to have taken this a step further and directly save acres of unprotected rainforest to contribute to net zero.”

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