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Adapttech | Interview with CEO Frederico Carpinteiro

28th September, 2020

SHE Software | Interview with CEO Matthew Elson

17th September, 2020

Locate Bio | Interview with CEO John von Benecke

25th August, 2020

nDreams | Interview with Patrick O’Luanaigh & Julie Parmenter

6th August, 2020

Medovate | Interview with Stuart Thomson

23rd July, 2020

SockMonkey Studios | Interview with Darren Falcus & Bob Makin

16th July, 2020

OXGENE | Interview with Dr. Ryan Cawood & Jocelyne Bath

2nd July, 2020

Mercia Chair Summit

27th February, 2020

Wealthclub and Northern VCTs

28th January, 2020

Mercia’s CEO outlines the NVM Deal

16th January, 2020

Interview: Paul Mattick on the January 2020 VCT fund-raise and Northern VCT contract acquisition

10th January, 2020

Life at Mercia

8th July, 2019

Interview with Mercia’s CEO

8th July, 2019

Edinson’s Interview with Mercia’s CEO

8th July, 2019

The Mercia Journey

3rd July, 2019


26th March, 2019


26th March, 2019

Warwick Acoustics

26th March, 2019

Oxford Genetics

26th March, 2019


26th March, 2019

Focus, Build, Deliver: The Mercia story

26th March, 2019

Paul Mattick meets … Dr Ash Patel

26th March, 2019

Soccer Manager in China

17th January, 2019

Soccer Manager

7th January, 2019

Celebrating Tech 2018

24th October, 2018

Mercia’s Capital Markets Day 2018

23rd October, 2018

Focus, Build, Deliver: Mercia’s journey

16th January, 2017

How the business has grown and evolved

19th December, 2016

Mercia Technologies and The Northern Powerhouse

22nd August, 2016

Edge Case Games

16th June, 2016

Crowd Reactive

7th March, 2016

Mercia Fund Management AGM 2016

22nd February, 2016

nDreams: Virtual Reality becomes actual reality – why 2016 is the year of VR

22nd February, 2016


22nd February, 2016

Science Warehouse

19th November, 2014

Smart Antenna Technologies

18th November, 2014

Warwick Audio Technologies

18th November, 2014


18th November, 2014