mercia Private Equity

Getting the deal done. Together

Unlocking potential for businesses

We specialise in supporting businesses who seek ambitious growth. With our distinctive local presence and national reach, we are dedicated to delivering value creation and local economic impact.

Building trust and fostering results

We understand the importance of trust and collaboration. Through our extensive experience and strong track record we play a pivotal role in facilitating deals and ensuring investment success. Our long-established track record in the regions enables us to tailor our approach to the unique characteristics and needs of diverse companies, positioning them for exceptional growth.

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An expert team for unmatched support

Our success lies in the skills and expertise of our dedicated team, bolstered by an extensive growth network:

Fund advisory panel

We provide objective advice at the investment committee level, ensuring informed decision-making. From strategy and finance, to sales and marketing, through to technology and talent, we are committed to creating tangible value for our partners.

Board of excellence programme

This consists of highly experienced individuals, including former CEOs and seasoned non-executive directors, who actively contribute to the development and expansion of our portfolio company boards. We are focused on growth – just like you.

Expert network

We accelerate growth leveraging a flexible pool of professionals available on-demand, ready to support specific functional areas or projects within our portfolio businesses.

Releasing potential across sectors

Our investment criteria centre around credible management teams and companies with a proven track record of success. By providing investment ranging from £1million to £10million, we empower businesses to realise their growth potential. Through organic and acquisitive strategies, we drive expansion while ensuring value creation throughout the investment period, ultimately achieving a premium exit.


Empowering enterprise

We are as invested in the process as you are

Stage 1

Board room chatter

If you are just beginning to talk amongst yourselves then we would really like to join the conversation. It’s these early discussions which are helpful to understand the journey you are on and what you need the capital for. Private equity may not always be the answer and Mercia has a range of capital available including debt and ‘mezzanine debt’ that may be useful to explore.

Stage 2

Seeking advice

If you are clear that now is a good time for an MBO or you’ve hit a growth inflection point, then you really need to kick the next stage off by speaking to a corporate finance advisor. These people will have stacks of contacts and can make warm introductions to private equity houses which back businesses like yours. Be prepared to pay for good advice, it will get you into a much better position than those who don’t.

Stage 3

Benchmarking prospects

When you start to meet potential investors you will probably find that the fees and the investment capabilities (how deep their pockets are) are all in the same ballpark. The things that set investors apart however are values, networks and most importantly track record. Make sure you find an investment partner that has exited businesses in your sector.

Your gateway to opportunity

At Mercia Private Equity, our inspiration and vision come from businesses that aspire to achieve more. Our private equity funds are designed to optimise growth and diversification potential within the regions, focusing on profitable, purpose-led SMEs across the UK. We prioritise partnerships with management teams that share our goals and values, helping them maximise their local economic impact while driving growth through clear, realistic business plans and enhanced operational efficiencies.