WEBINAR: Godfrey Ryan – Customer Success

Those with the greatest chance of coming out of the current crisis are the companies that are actively engaged with their customers.

Customer Success, the process of proactively engaging with your customers to identify their challenges and anticipate needs is a proven way to increase retention and as a result, secure future revenues. In this webinar, Godfrey Ryan will outline best in class short and long term strategies for Customer Success. The recommendations will apply to companies that are new to Customer Success as well as those looking to improve their existing processes.

Godfrey is an experienced B2B commercial executive with a history of building high-performing teams and achieving software and service sales growth in the legal, aerospace and telecoms industries.

Godfrey was part of the executive management team of several start-up and PE-backed mid-size companies that exited through trade sale, private equity buyouts and mergers. This included overseeing the growth of a UK-based aviation software start-up through two transactions culminating in the sale to The Boeing Company.