Graeme Hall: Re-aligning your sales resource post-COVID-19

It’s time to exit with purpose and get ready to adapt to a world that embraces digital prospecting, Zoom pitches and a need to accelerate the sales process. Join founder of Sales Blueprint, Graeme Hall, as he provides you with the guidance you need to engage in the sales process in the ‘new’ normal world of business.

Graeme speaks about the importance of ensuring that your sales process is genuinely fit for purpose in the ‘new normal, aligning the skills you will need with the ones you’ve got and right-sizing your sales resource and optimising it’s return.

If you’d like a more detailed step by step guide to creating your own version of the sales process you saw, plus all of the associated thinking and documentation, you can purchase a series of 10 short videos to show you exactly how here Alternatively, go to for more information.