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Mercia EIS Funds | 11th December, 2017
Games firm nets £600k funding from Mercia for fantasy football app
Direct Investments | 11th December, 2017
Mercia invests £2.5m as part of £3.8m funding round in Medherant
Direct Investments | 8th December, 2017
Mercia announces first closing of EV Growth II
Direct Investments | 6th December, 2017
Half Year Results 2017: “Growth is the central theme throughout these interim results.”
Direct Investments | 5th December, 2017
Mercia appoints new Head of Software & the Internet
Mercia EIS Funds | 5th December, 2017
Mercia Fund Managers wins Best Single Sector Award at Tax Efficiency Awards
NPIF Equity | 30th November, 2017
Industry defining AI start-up secures initial £1.3m to create self-learning machines
Mercia EIS Funds | 29th November, 2017
Video firm focuses on global growth with funding boost from Mercia
Direct Investments | 27th November, 2017
Impression Technologies secures grant funding
NPIF Equity | 24th November, 2017
Mercia opens new office in Leeds
Mercia EIS Funds | 23rd November, 2017
Autumn Budget 2017: Patiently waiting
Direct Investments | 17th November, 2017
Medherant wins Excellence in Science & Technology Award
Direct Investments | 17th November, 2017
New Direct Investment into Aston EyeTech as part of a £5m syndicated round
NPIF Debt | 16th November, 2017
Biomass supplier secures £200k to fuel growth
Direct Investments | 10th November, 2017
Discovery Global Enterprises ups its digital offering with new VirtTrade partnership
Mercia EIS Funds | 9th November, 2017
Mercia Fund Managers scoops coveted award
NPIF Equity | 9th November, 2017
Mercia passes £5m milestone with NPIF investment
Mercia EIS Funds | 6th November, 2017
Speed is of the essence
Direct Investments | 2nd November, 2017
A guide to sales processes for your software business
NPIF Equity | 1st November, 2017
Software company set for swift growth after £500k funding round
Direct Investments | 1st November, 2017
Mercia announces new partnership with the University of Edinburgh
NPIF Debt | 26th October, 2017
Construction firm set to build its business with £100k funding
NPIF Equity | 23rd October, 2017
Smartgate Solutions secures £1.6m funding
Coalfields Funds | 19th October, 2017
Coalfields Funds exit from Finch Consulting
Mercia EIS Funds | 17th October, 2017
Thalia DA attracts fresh investment as semiconductor industry recognises the analog IP reuse challenge
News | 13th October, 2017
IT firm set to create new jobs with £125k Rosebud backing
RisingStars | 5th October, 2017
Blue Prism delivers 55x return on investment for Mercia’s managed funds
Direct Investments | 3rd October, 2017
Mercia Technologies PLC’s fund management subsidiaries rebrand as Mercia Fund Managers
NPIF Equity | 28th September, 2017
Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund provides six figure boost for North East based energy storage specialist
NPIF Debt | 25th September, 2017
Print machinery firm set for growth after £100k funding boost
NPIF Equity | 22nd September, 2017
Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund tops the £10m mark
Direct Investments | 20th September, 2017
£3.1m syndicated investment into Warwick Audio Technologies
NPIF Debt | 13th September, 2017
CCTV firm secures £150k to pursue its vision for growth from Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund
NPIF Debt | 8th September, 2017
Home and garden firm set for further growth after winning BBC Gardeners’ World supply contract
| 7th September, 2017
Crowd Reactive’s EventsTag opens new office in Dubai
NPIF Equity | 25th August, 2017
Enterprise Ventures expands its equity team
NPIF Debt | 22nd August, 2017
NPIF completes investment in engineering firm
Direct Investments | 21st August, 2017
£2m further investment into Oxford Genetics as part of £7.5m syndication
NPIF Debt | 18th August, 2017
Enterprise Ventures completes its new debt team
NPIF Debt | 10th August, 2017
Another step forward for new rehab centre as it secures NPIF funding
NPIF Debt | 10th August, 2017
York distributor flexes muscles with NPIF funding
Mercia EIS Funds | 7th August, 2017
Mercia Fund Management named as a finalist at 2017 Growth Investor Awards
Direct Investments | 2nd August, 2017
Mercia Board change
Mercia EIS Funds | 27th July, 2017
SleepCogni receives grant funding to continue their quest to improve sleep science
NPIF Equity | 27th July, 2017
Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund fuels Sheffield linear machines company
| 21st July, 2017
Publication of Mercia’s Annual Report 2017
NPIF Equity | 18th July, 2017
Award-winning video advertiser receives funding boost from Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund
Direct Investments | 13th July, 2017
Mercia invests additional £2m into nDreams as part of £2.7m syndication
SME Loans | 13th July, 2017
£6.5m plant gives added sparkle to spring water company
Direct Investments | 11th July, 2017
How to create the perfect pitch deck for an investor
| 3rd July, 2017
Preliminary results: A year of positive progress across the Group’s investing activities
Mercia EIS Funds | 28th June, 2017
“Plastic antibody” developer strengthens board following further investment from Mercia Fund Management
Direct Investments | 28th June, 2017
Medherant expands management team as it moves into clinical development of its revolutionary TEPI Patch®
NPIF Debt | 27th June, 2017
NPIF funding helps audio-visual firm to turn up the volume
Mercia EIS Funds | 23rd June, 2017
New non-executive director for SnapDragon anti-counterfeiting service
Rosebud Finance | 19th June, 2017
Waste recycling business set for expansion with Rosebud investment
Rosebud Finance | 14th June, 2017
Burnley engineering firm is flying high with new £200,000 investment
EV Growth Fund | 13th June, 2017
BBC Radio 4 visits our portfolio company Winder Power
Direct Investments | 12th June, 2017
Medherant shortlisted for Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Technologies competition
News | 9th June, 2017
Rosebud helps create over 80 jobs as it supports ‘rising stars’
Direct Investments | 6th June, 2017
Further investment into Oxford Genetics
Direct Investments | 5th June, 2017
Manchester digital firm secures £900k with backing from Mercia
NPIF Debt | 2nd June, 2017
Enterprise Ventures announces new hires
Mercia EIS Funds | 1st June, 2017
Milking it: Cow fertility tracker is scaling up with seed funding from Mercia Fund Management
Community News | 31st May, 2017
Community comes together to raise £90,000 for victims of Manchester attack
Mercia EIS Funds | 31st May, 2017
Healthy investment for patient engagement software
EV Growth Fund | 30th May, 2017
Winning Pitch is one of ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’
Direct Investments | 19th May, 2017
Allinea Software wins BVCA Venture-backed Management Team of the Year award
Mercia EIS Funds | 18th May, 2017
Stormburst Studios appoints Karl Drage as Chairman
Mercia EIS Funds | 12th May, 2017
Mercia Fund Management partners with Innovate UK on the Investment Accelerator programme
Mercia EIS Funds | 11th May, 2017
Cloud-based digital logistics platform secures further funding from Mercia Fund Management
Direct Investments | 10th May, 2017
nDreams and Paw Print Games announce co-op brawler Bloody Zombies
Mercia EIS Funds | 5th May, 2017
Advertising technology start-up secures funding from Mercia Fund Management
SME Loans | 4th May, 2017
Directorbank undergoes management buy-out
Direct Investments | 3rd May, 2017
Notice of Preliminary Results 2017
SME Loans | 3rd May, 2017
Software development business to accelerate growth after funding boost
Mercia EIS Funds | 26th April, 2017
W2 Global Data secures new co-investment
SME Loans | 21st April, 2017
Made in Yorkshire Award wins for portfolio companies Winder Power & Weedfree on Track
NPIF Debt | 9th April, 2017
First NPIF deal from EV
Direct Investments | 30th March, 2017
Founder of Smart Antenna Technologies honoured as a top 50 entrepreneur
Direct Investments | 27th March, 2017
One year on since acquisition
NPIF Equity | 27th March, 2017
NPIF Fund Managers buoyant about prospects of new Fund
Direct Investments | 22nd February, 2017
Two major contracts secured for Northern Powerhouse Funds
NPIF Equity | 22nd February, 2017
NPIF contracts awarded to Enterprise Ventures
Direct Investments | 16th February, 2017
Result of General Meeting & Completion of Placing
Rosebud Finance | 7th February, 2017
Rosebud funds NuBlue’s growth
Mercia EIS Funds | 7th February, 2017
Mercia Fund Management and the North East Technology Fund, managed by IP Group plc, co-invest in Newcastle-based SaaS start-up
Direct Investments | 7th February, 2017
Pharmaceutical expert Ken Cunningham appointed as chair to Medherrant
Mercia EIS Funds | 6th February, 2017
Gamification start-up to take sales teams by storm following new funding
SME Loans | 3rd February, 2017
EV funds MBO of Recruitment Management Group
Direct Investments | 31st January, 2017
Placing of new Ordinary Shares to raise circa £40m
| 26th January, 2017
Notice of Mercia’s Annual Gala Dinner
Direct Investments | 18th January, 2017
New Direct Investment in Faradion
Direct Investments | 17th January, 2017
Mercia Technologies PLC delivers returns for both fund investors and shareholders during a strong 2016
Direct Investments | 12th January, 2017
Mercia leads £1million round into University of Birmingham spinout
Mercia EIS Funds | 11th January, 2017
Coventry cyber-security spinout receives further investment
EV Growth Fund | 10th January, 2017
Growth Fund, managed by Enterprise Ventures, announces substantial exit
Direct Investments | 5th January, 2017
Electrostatic speaker developer, Warwick Audio, brings ultra-high quality portable audio to CES, Las Vegas
Direct Investments | 20th December, 2016
Bristol-Myers Squibb signs exclusive worldwide license agreement with PsiOxus Therapeutics