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Direct Investments | 6th December, 2022
Acquisition of Frontier Development Capital Limited
News | 6th December, 2022
Mercia interim results 2023 – Chief Investment Officer’s Review
News | 6th December, 2022
Mercia interim results 2023 – Chief Executive Officer’s Review
SME Loans | 5th December, 2022
Fast-growing online gifts retailer in buy-out backed by SME loan
News | 29th November, 2022
‘Job design’ platform that helps improve diversity raises £1.75m
News | 25th November, 2022
Never doubt debt as a catalyst for growth
News | 25th November, 2022
The radius of success: Regional equity
News | 25th November, 2022
A point of view – Dr Mark Payton
NPIF Equity | 24th November, 2022
Funding will help product design firm expand 3D print service
Northern VCTs | 23rd November, 2022
AI platform raises €20m to deliver targeted cancer treatment
NPIF Equity | 22nd November, 2022
Remote working platform used by Home Office and NHS raises £400k
NPIF Debt | 17th November, 2022
Firm founded in kitchen raises funds to meet demand from supermarkets
Northern VCTs | 16th November, 2022
InsurTech company aims to be market leader after £9m fundraise
News | 15th November, 2022
Loan will help ‘Trouser Town’ pioneers expand menswear range
NPIF Equity | 8th November, 2022
E-commerce software firm set to create 50 jobs after £2m fundraise
News | 4th November, 2022
Software platform raises £3.25m to help care sector ‘go digital’
The North West Fund for Venture Capital | 22nd October, 2022
Sale of Aeroparker platform provides 8x return for Mercia
Direct Investments | 18th October, 2022
New £5.25m investment in Nova Pangaea to accelerate business growth
Direct Investments | 18th October, 2022
Spinal implant firm raises £10.8m after successful product release
News | 17th October, 2022
Biotech company raises £2.4m for ‘breakthrough’ TB test
NPIF Debt | 13th October, 2022
Loan will help energy consultant to meet increased demand
North East Venture Fund | 7th October, 2022
Mercia investment deals top £50m since Newcastle office launch
NPIF Equity | 7th October, 2022
Sale of hospitality tech firm provides exit for NPIF – Mercia Equity Finance
NPIF Debt | 6th October, 2022
New Recovery Loan Scheme offers even better terms for borrowers
North East Venture Fund | 5th October, 2022
Tech recruitment platform appoints former Google exec to board
News | 4th October, 2022
British Airways, LanzaJet & Nova Pangaea Technologies move one step closer to large-scale production of sustainable aviation fuel in the UK
SME Loans | 4th October, 2022
999 consultants expand with acquisition funded by Mercia loan
SME Loans | 3rd October, 2022
Roofing company hits acquisition trail in deal funded by SME Loan
NPIF Debt | 30th September, 2022
Loan opens door to growth for specialist window company
SME Loans | 28th September, 2022
Security firm makes second acquisition with help of SME Loan
Northern VCTs | 27th September, 2022
Mercia leads $14m investment in lung cancer diagnosis platform
North East Venture Fund | 27th September, 2022
Cyber firm appoints new chair after introduction from Mercia
News | 8th September, 2022
Low-cost device could ‘revolutionise biological research’
Clean tech | 7th September, 2022
‘Green’ water treatment firm raises further £2.3m
Mercia EIS Funds | 6th September, 2022
AI platform aims bring consultancy firms into 21st century
News | 2nd September, 2022
Mercia named as one of Europe’s top 7 VC investors
NPIF Debt | 31st August, 2022
Brand performance agency secures £250k loan for growth
NPIF Debt | 23rd August, 2022
Funding will help iconic poster company to expand sales in Europe
NPIF Debt | 19th August, 2022
Drilling firm secures seven-figure loan to deliver green power to Ethiopia
North East Venture Fund | 18th August, 2022
Tech recruitment platform targets US market after £500k fundraise
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 17th August, 2022
Online recruitment platform set to double in size after £2m investment
SME Loans | 16th August, 2022
SME Loans backs buy-out at family-run water treatment firm
News | 8th August, 2022
‘Airbnb for shared living’ raises a further £500k
Direct Investments | 26th July, 2022
Intechnica announces separation of cybersecurity business
North East Venture Fund | 25th July, 2022
IoT tech company raises further £480k for expansion
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 20th July, 2022
Proptech firm raises funds to disrupt lettings industry
NPIF Debt | 20th July, 2022
Sweet success for Candy Hero as it wraps second NPIF loan
North East Venture Fund | 13th July, 2022
Cyber firm raises funds to launch new software for SMEs
News | 13th July, 2022
New device could transform treatment of Parkinson’s disease
Direct Investments | 5th July, 2022
Mercia announces robust preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2022
News | 30th June, 2022
Company behind ‘nurse call’ systems for care homes raises further £850k
News | 29th June, 2022
HR platform set to ‘go global’ after £1.5m investment
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 10th June, 2022
HR platform that helps firms manage remote workers raises further £3m
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 8th June, 2022
Entrepreneur raises funding to disrupt dry-cleaning industry
NPIF Debt | 1st June, 2022
Compliance firm gears up for growth as new rules boost demand
North East Venture Fund | 31st May, 2022
Energy broker set to create 50 jobs after further £500k investment
NPIF Equity | 26th May, 2022
The Rainforest Trust and Slingshot Simulations users saved 121 acres of Rainforest in 3 days
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 25th May, 2022
Charity fundraising platform secures £1.25m investment
NPIF Equity | 24th May, 2022
Sale of virtual reality firm provides 4x return for Mercia
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 19th May, 2022
Students raise £800k for platform that automates exam marking
NPIF Debt | 16th May, 2022
J-Flex launch ambitious plan to scale post-£250,000 investment
News | 16th May, 2022
Where Deep Tech has been and where it’s going, with Ash Kumaraswamy
News | 16th May, 2022
More than responsible: Our Knowledge-intensive Impact Fund
News | 16th May, 2022
A point of view – Dr Mark Payton
News | 12th May, 2022
Mercia’s EIS Funds raise c.£20million
North East Venture Fund | 10th May, 2022
Video recruitment platform set to create 20 jobs after £1.3m fundraise
NPIF Equity | 9th May, 2022
Industry 4.0 pioneer raises £1.5m for smart sensor technology
News | 4th May, 2022
Shining stars of Leeds City Region’s tech sector recognised
NPIF Equity | 4th May, 2022
Barrister launches automated system to transcribe witness statements
North East Venture Fund | 26th April, 2022
More business funding available from North East Fund as it hits £220m investment milestone in fourth year
NPIF Debt | 21st April, 2022
Debt fund reaches £50m lending milestone
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 14th April, 2022
Payments entrepreneur aims to triple business after funding round
News | 12th April, 2022
Sale of IT company provides exit for NPIF – Mercia Equity Finance
North East Venture Fund | 12th April, 2022
New arm scanner could replace conventional drug and alcohol tests
NPIF Equity | 11th April, 2022
Proptech firm raises £250k for software to improve building safety
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 7th April, 2022
Smart prosthetics firm raises £2.25m to boost global expansion
News | 5th April, 2022
Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund report shows increased productivity, employment and skills
NPIF Debt | 31st March, 2022
Loan helps historic engineering firm meet record demand
Mercia EIS Funds | 29th March, 2022
Mercia backs digital employee benefits platform
News | 29th March, 2022
nDreams receives significant new third-party investment
NPIF Debt | 18th March, 2022
Accountants set for further growth following acquisition
News | 16th March, 2022
£71m investment is ‘building new generation of tech businesses’
NPIF Debt | 14th March, 2022
NPIF loan helps historic bus operator prepare for tourist influx
News | 11th March, 2022
Industry heavyweights join MIP Diagnostics Board
News | 10th March, 2022
Mercia’s Northern VCTs raise £40.0million
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 9th March, 2022
Award-winning founder raises further £1.3m for software platform
News | 8th March, 2022
British Business Bank’s regional equity funds sign up to Investing in Women Code
NPIF Debt | 8th March, 2022
Fast-growing modular buildings firm raises further £200k
Direct Investments | 28th February, 2022
Mercia announces further direct investment into MIP Diagnostics
News | 23rd February, 2022
In-person retail shopping is awful. What comes next?
News | 11th February, 2022
Medic raises £1.5m for app to help children prepare for surgery
NPIF Equity | 8th February, 2022
Inova acquires IN-PART, matchmaking platform for academia-industry collaboration
NPIF Equity | 8th February, 2022
HGV recruitment platform raises further funds after surge in demand
News | 4th February, 2022
Proptech firm raises funds to create ‘Airbnb for house shares’
North East Venture Fund | 2nd February, 2022
North East Venture Fund round-up with Thea Tebble
News | 2nd February, 2022
North East Venture Fund round-up with Thea Tebble
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 25th January, 2022
GreenTech water treatment firm raises £700k for roll-out
News | 21st January, 2022
WEBINAR: How to build your sales team with Hubspot’s Francois Plattard
News | 19th January, 2022
WEBINAR: Marketing Strategies for 2022 with Hubspot’s Francois Plattard