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The North West Fund for Venture Capital | 13th May, 2021
Go with the flow! Spin-out offers huge savings for process industry
Mercia EIS Funds | 11th May, 2021
Smart device aims to improve prospects for knee op patients
News | 10th May, 2021
Complete Connected Capital case study: CurrentBody
NPIF Debt | 10th May, 2021
Spotlight on – our debt funds
News | 10th May, 2021
Spotlight on – our debt funds
Direct Investments | 10th May, 2021
Julian Viggars, CIO: Realising value: six exits mark a successful year
Northern VCTs | 10th May, 2021
Snapshot of our developing portfolio: The Northern VCTs
News | 5th May, 2021
Bridge India Report – April 2021
Northern VCTs | 30th April, 2021
Natural pet food firm raises multi-million investment
Mercia EIS Funds | 28th April, 2021
CyberHive raises £1.8m to accelerate growth
Direct Investments | 27th April, 2021
Sense expands leadership team &, prepares for launch of the VerosTM COVID-19 instrument-free molecular test
News | 22nd April, 2021
Think tank report urges closer UK-India energy collaboration in electric vehicles, batteries, green financing
News | 20th April, 2021
The Mercia Brief: Mercia’s virtual shareholder event 2021
NPIF Equity | 20th April, 2021
Haulage recruitment platform raises further £300k to drive growth
News | 20th April, 2021
‘Plastic antibodies’ could improve success of rapid COVID tests
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 16th April, 2021
HR platform built for remote working raises further £1.3m
NPIF Equity | 14th April, 2021
Satellite firm raises £1.5m for new service to detect subsidence
NPIF Debt | 12th April, 2021
Loan provides a lift for manufacturer with booming order book
NPIF Equity | 8th April, 2021
NED Network Focus…Joe Cohen
Direct Investments | 8th April, 2021
Building a resilient future
Direct Investments | 8th April, 2021
Chair Summit 2021
NPIF Debt | 6th April, 2021
Mobile sales app set to expand overseas with help of £200k loan
Mercia EIS Funds | 30th March, 2021
Tech firm that helps police combat child abuse raises £5m
News | 29th March, 2021
Test ‘could be a game changer’ in combatting TB in livestock
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 25th March, 2021
Company improving outlook for prosthetics patients raises £2m
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 23rd March, 2021
Award-winning founder leads buy-in at e-commerce platform
Direct Investments | 18th March, 2021
Mercia named the UK’s third most active investor
Mercia EIS Funds | 12th March, 2021
Indoor positioning system set to put tech firm on the map
NPIF Debt | 9th March, 2021
Engineering firm raises funds to prepare for busy summer ahead
NPIF Equity | 3rd March, 2021
3D print firm set to be global market leader raises further £2.5m
News | 26th February, 2021
Food and Mood – Wellbeing Workshop with hero coach Dom Haigh
The North West Fund for Venture Capital | 25th February, 2021
Mercia-backed company set to be one of fastest-growing science publishers
Direct Investments | 23rd February, 2021
Mercia leads £3m funding round for Soccer Manager
News | 19th February, 2021
Positive Mindset – Wellbeing Workshop with hero coach Laura Schober
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 16th February, 2021
Saudi oil giant leads £2.9m investment in corrosion specialist
News | 1st February, 2021
‘Digital twin’ pioneer raises a further £1.5m as it prepares for launch
Northern VCTs | 1st February, 2021
Ex-Crabtree & Evelyn boss joins Mercia-backed footwear brand
NPIF Debt | 20th January, 2021
Loan helps rehab centre recruit 100 new staff
News | 12th January, 2021
Mercia-backed start-up to lead one of world’s biggest ‘digital twins’
NPIF Equity | 6th January, 2021
Edtech platform that helps spot students in need of support raises £1m
NPIF Equity | 21st December, 2020
Digital wellbeing firm set for a healthy future
News | 18th December, 2020
New software platform ‘could transform car dealerships’
Direct Investments | 16th December, 2020
Mercia top of the charts for active regional investors
News | 15th December, 2020
Mercia: A Year in Review 2020: Mercia’s portfolio perspective
NPIF Equity | 15th December, 2020
Mercia’s NPIF portfolio company, Abingdon Health, raises £22.0million
Mercia EIS Funds | 11th December, 2020
Sale of software firm is fourth exit in six months for Mercia
Mercia EIS Funds | 4th December, 2020
Digital map firm raises funds to roll out airport service
North East Venture Fund | 2nd December, 2020
Alchoholic tea creators raise a glass to £1.4m investment
NPIF Debt | 1st December, 2020
Pet health food firm set to expand with help of £120k loan
Direct Investments | 1st December, 2020
Interim Results 2020
Northern VCTs | 30th November, 2020
Spotlight on the Northern VCTs Fund
News | 30th November, 2020
NED Network Focus – Stuart Holness
News | 26th November, 2020
Mercia’s Life Sciences helping the COVID-19 fight
Direct Investments | 26th November, 2020
Mercia life sciences portfolio: Hearing from the companies
North East Venture Fund | 26th November, 2020
£1.5m investment will aid roll-out of electric vehicle chargers
NPIF Debt | 25th November, 2020
Mercia welcomes 4 new staff to Yorkshire and Humber team
News | 16th November, 2020
The ‘tech for good’ start-up helping credit unions go digital
Direct Investments | 3rd November, 2020
Diane Seymour-Williams appointed as a Non-executive Director of Mercia
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 30th October, 2020
The spin-out helping oil and gas firms to prevent pipeline disasters
Direct Investments | 19th October, 2020
Successful exit of Clear Review delivering a 72% IRR
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 16th October, 2020
Ex-Olympic worker raises further funds for events platform
Mercia EIS Funds | 15th October, 2020
Penguin ad duo aim to revolutionise e-commerce
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 14th October, 2020
Businesswoman raises further £950k for fintech platform
Mercia EIS Funds | 13th October, 2020
Why financial advisers are saying EIS is currently relevant to their clients
NPIF Equity | 12th October, 2020
Digital pioneers aim to transform construction industry
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 8th October, 2020
Firm raises £700k to boost roll-out of AI assistants
Direct Investments | 7th October, 2020
Warwick Acoustics Update: £2.1million of syndicated investment and £0.4million innovation grant
NPIF Debt | 5th October, 2020
Boss who battled Coronavirus set to launch new products
SME Loans | 21st September, 2020
Mercia launches debt fund with up to £40m to invest
News | 18th September, 2020
Mercia’s Life Sciences’ portfolio: Value and Innovation
News | 18th September, 2020
Firm raises £1m for ‘smart bearings’ that detect wear and tear
Mercia EIS Funds | 9th September, 2020
Spin-out raises £2.4m for early cancer detection test
Future Fund | 4th September, 2020
£2m for mobile app that makes hospital letters a thing of the past
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 18th August, 2020
The agritech start-up using AI to boost crop yields
Future Fund | 18th August, 2020
Biomass pioneer raises further funds after trials success
NPIF Debt | 12th August, 2020
Animation studio set to create 40 jobs with NPIF loan
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 12th August, 2020
New games payment platform will accept real money!
Northern VCTs | 4th August, 2020
Legaltech business raises £6m for international growth
Direct Investments | 3rd August, 2020
Return, Recover, Regeneration
Direct Investments | 3rd August, 2020
In the wake of the storm; settling into the new normal
CBILS | 27th July, 2020
Mercia offers CBILS loans in Northern Powerhouse region
North East Venture Fund | 21st July, 2020
Breakthrough offers early warning system for osteoporosis
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 20th July, 2020
Biotech company raises £2.25m for new spinal treatments
NPIF Equity | 14th July, 2020
AI start-up that detects fake news raises £2.5m
Direct Investments | 14th July, 2020
Preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2020
SME Health Innovation Fund | 9th July, 2020
The £50 device that can protect Covid-19 carers
Direct Investments | 9th July, 2020
Mercia sells stake in biotech EIS portfolio business spun out from the University of Birmingham
Mercia EIS Funds | 7th July, 2020
Innovate UK backs SleepCogni’s pivot to virtual care and remote monitoring
SME Loans | 30th June, 2020
Small Business Loans UK
NPIF Equity | 18th June, 2020
Start-up aims to change the way companies price products
NPIF Equity | 17th June, 2020
Fast-growing games studio raises £250k for new launch
Mercia EIS Funds | 10th June, 2020
Latest EIS reviews now published
News | 3rd June, 2020
Biotech firm raises £1.2m for first ‘on the spot’ stroke test
NPIF Debt | 27th May, 2020
Mercia accredited by BBB under CBILS
News | 22nd May, 2020
‘Build your own app’ platform raises £1.2m
News | 20th May, 2020
Mercia Meets – Rachel Richardson, Commercial Director, Troo
North East Venture Fund | 19th May, 2020
X-ray firm aims to improve breast cancer detection
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 19th May, 2020
The algae that could clean up our rivers and seas
Direct Investments | 14th May, 2020
Mercia invests £11m during lockdown